DG Strategy

Edward Lam

Key Facts

  • Unique emerging markets dividend product.
  • Strong projected yield.
  • A bottom up approach – deep research on every investment.
  • A conviction-driven portfolio of around 50 stocks.

“Emerging markets are no longer just about volatility and capital appreciation. There is a significant and growing pool of well managed companies, in attractive sectors such as retail or telecoms, committed to paying a steady and increasing dividend year after year. The benefit of Emerging Markets is that the dividend growth should outpace developed markets.”

Edward Lam – Lead Fund Manager

Why DG Strategy?

Dividends make up a substantial proportion of long term investment returns in all markets. Dividends are fundamental to tangible stock value. Focusing on higher quality companies that generate strong free cash flows is always a good investment strategy. In Emerging Markets it should help to dampen some of the volatility that Emerging Market stock investing is associated with.